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Lightbox Added
The way images work on the site have been updated as of 8/20/12. This includes their pop-up and preloading behavior.

Further Website Optimizations
The images on the mousepad and t-shirt pages should load faster as of 1/30/12.

T-Shirts Available Now!
T-Shirts have been added to the store as of 10/17/09. They are priced at $9.99. These are high quality being organic, 100% cotton, 6.1 oz., and made by Anvil.

Website Optimizations
The store should load much faster as of 5/14/09. I performed a series of optimizations for a better experience. I changed the format, size, and/or compression of the most significant images on the site. Njoy!

Store Launched!
The official Element TD store is live as of 4/20/09. Currently, only the QPAD custom print mousepads are available. In the near future, custom print t-shirts will be added at a price of $15.99.