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Q: I am organizing a LAN party, how can I apply for a sponsorship from Element TD?
A: Please contact me at admin @ eletd dot com. Include location, date, and anticipated number of participants. I am open to a variety of sponsorship setups.

Q: Will my laser mouse function 100% on your mousepad?
A: Several different makes and models of laser mice have been tested. All proved to work without problem. Optical mice work too of course.

Q: What is the deal with the Glidz?
A: These guys are meant to replace the five different feet pads on the bottom of your mouse. Not all mice have the five feet setup, but the vast majority do. Glidz will further reduce friction for an exceptional experience.

Q: Where can I go to read user reviews? Where can I post mine?
A: Please visit this forum section.

Q: I would like to sponsor a product with you, what do I do?
A: Contact me at admin @ eletd dot com. Include your company, product idea, and sponsorship terms.